It’s come to my attention the term “Jew” is supposed to be an all-encompassing term to describe our opponents. I also realize we Aryanists adhere to the “love thy neighbor” principle, which involves showing full support for those individuals with Jewish blood who have nothing to do with Judaism or Zionism. As such, being one of these individuals, I see it beneficial to provide a new terminology for those Jews who have the possibility of achieving Arya or have already achieved it, such as Jesus of Nazareth. I do not yet have an idea of what to christen these people, as our enemy and friends have been so clearly delineated on the site’s main pages; I have decide to refer to persons like myself “Ethno-Jews”. We Aryanists despise the notion of “ethnicity”, but as of now, the term “Ethno-Jews” is a working title which will be altered at a later date. Nonetheless, “Ethno-Jews” is my proposed term for those with Jewish heritage who DO NOT partake in the evil business of Judaism and Zionism and actively oppose it. The one thing they must do to ensure the defeat of their genes is to abstain from voluntary reproduction.



3 thoughts on “Ethno-Jews

  1. Firstly, i cannot agree with the simple assertion that the “Jew” is anyone that is our enemy. In many cases, our worst enemies are Gentiles, fed jewish confabulations. In many cases, their ideology may be jewish in origin—that is, fed to them by the jews, rather than it bearing the mark of Judaism—but it is not jewish in nature, that is, it is not philosophically *jewish*. The things that bear this mark in their *essense* are the jewish things.
    Perhaps there is to note here the difference in Genotype and Phenotype, in the physical, mental and spiritual sense, if you will. Bearing jewish genes, bearing a jewish upbrining, perhaps even bearing the jewish religion, does not a jew make. That Judaism—and i am not yet certain on this—requires the *manifestation* of these principles. The jew that doesn’t jew (verbal) is of no issue to us—however, this proposition rests on the assumption the reproducing jewish genes is an inherently jewish (verbal) act. To reproduce is to make those genes manifest, in the form of a new individual.

    1. Exactly my point. Nontheless I still recognize that the Jewish Aryan (oxymoron), even when he successfully overcomes his genes, is still a potenetial vector for Jewish alleles, which is dangerous. Ergo I think it prudent to provide some form of distinction.

  2. Exactly my point. Although the non-Jewish Jew ostensibly conducts himself as an Aryan, the fact remains that he still possesses Jewish genes from his parents. Ergo, I think it would be beneficial to have some form of differentiation.

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